Hemp CBD Extract
Green Tea Extract
Cramp Bark
Vitamin B6

A soothing, CBD based all-natural formula for PMS support and relief. Start feeling like you again.


500mg of Broad Spectrum CBD
Camphor Bark
Organic Aloe Leaf
Ginger Root
Witch Hazel

This soothing magic stick provides that instant sigh of relief with lasting healing powers. With a powerful dose of broad spectrum CBD with no psychedelic effects and a squad of cooling natural plants, your body will thank you.

Dynamic Duo
$65.50 (20% savings) + FREE SHIPPING
Feminine Supplement + Cooling Roll-On Muscle Gel

Tackle those feminine cramps with an internal AND external dose of CBD and natural healing plant powers for instant and long lasting relief. Plus a savings that'll make you feel even better!

Allevita care no artificial ingredients feature
No Artificial Ingredients
Allevita care gluten-free feature
Allevita care no preservatives feature
No Preservatives
Allevita care no artificial color feature
No Artificial Colors
Allevita care vegetarian capsule feature
Vegetarian Capsule
Allevita care women-owned feature