Different Ways to Treat Menstrual Cramps with CBD

Different Ways to Treat Menstrual Cramps with CBD

Can we agree that even women with the healthiest of lifestyles are not exempt from the monthly dread of menstrual cramps? Women are a force of nature. But when Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) sets in, the pain can be unbearable. Some women even must interrupt their daily lives to tend to their bodily needs during these periods.

What Happens during Menstrual Cramps?

Dysmenorrhea is the condition where women experience pain before and during their menstruation. Women have bodies that naturally prepare themselves to build an endometrial tissue. After ovulation, it secretes progesterone to fill it up with blood. If the uterus did not fertilize the egg, the level of progesterone decreases. The low level of blood causes the endometrial tissue to shed. At this point, a woman’s body experiences pain.

As the progesterone declines, prostaglandins start to build-up. These are chemicals that help in regulating ovulation. Excessive prostaglandin levels can cause inflammation, pain, uterine contractions, vasoconstrictions, diarrhea, and heavy bleeding. Although prostaglandins cause these effects, these chemicals still keep a healthy menstrual cycle.

Conditions that Cause Painful Menstruation

• Irregular periods
• Periods started at age 11
• Heavy bleeding during menstruation
• Smoking
• Family history of painful menstruation
• Obesity or being overweight
• Never been pregnant

Signs and Symptoms of Menstrual Cramps

1. Leg pains
2. Vomiting
3. Diarrhea
4. Lower back pain
5. Fainting
6. Weakness
7. Headache
8. Nausea

What Most Women Do When They Experience Menstrual Cramps?

While there are women who try to reach on hot compresses to relieve their pain, they turn on pain relievers or Non-Steroid Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAID). A woman may reach for Ibuprofen or aspirin. These drugs inhibit the production of prostaglandin enzymes. While this is the most common remedy, it has side effects. Women may experience reduced blood flow during their menstruation. Some women take hormonal birth controls to delay ovulation. From this point, a woman may experience irregular or delayed menstrual periods.

CBD as the Natural Health Remedy for Menstrual Cramps

Since the U.S. Congress passed the 2018 Farm Bill, it gave the cannabis industry a shot in the arm. More states have legalized selling CBD products for its many benefits. CBD is generally safe. More women are turning to their anti-inflammatory effects to reduce menstrual cramps.
Cannabidiol or CBD is the chemical extracted from Cannabis Sativa.

Our body hosts a biological system composed of cell receptors called the endocannabinoid system. These cell receptors scatter to our central nervous system and immune system. The central nervous system hosts CB1 cell receptors. The immune system hosts CB2 cell receptors. The role of CBD is to activate these receptors. Cannabis has chemicals like CBD and THC that influence these receptors to recharge affected cells and heal them. Thus, CBD, although requiring more research, has possible therapeutic effects in relieving pain.

How Does CBD Work on Menstrual Pains?

Studies show that CBD can also inhibit the production of prostaglandin enzymes. CBD reduces the inflammatory effects of these hormones. What makes CBD different from NSAID, is it doesn’t have gastrointestinal effects. Why? CBD only inhibits COX-2 or cyclooxygenase. NSAIDs inhibit COX-1. COX-1 has gastrointestinal effects and substantial risks to peptic ulceration, kidney problems, heart attack, and stroke. In other words, CBD relieves pain, just like NSAIDs, only without its negative side effects. There’s more to that! Both CBD and THC may instruct your DNA to stop producing excessive prostaglandins.

Different Ways to Treat Menstrual Pain with CBD

CBD can get through our bodies to relieve pain in many ways. Since the US Congress has approved the 2018 Farm Bill, the market has developed a lot of CBD products.

Topical Applications

Since menstrual cramps focus on the abdomen, CBD will work on the cell receptors found near it. Once applied, you may only have to wait for at least 20 minutes, depending on the amount of CBD on the topical product.

CBD Cream or Lotion

Manufacturers have mixed CBD with other natural and essential ingredients to enhance CBD’s effect on the skin. Once applied, CBD will pass through the pores and reach the receptors that cause inflammation or pain. One of the benefits of CBD cream or lotion is that it doesn’t have to enter the bloodstream. It only takes effect on the portion covered. It doesn’t have side effects unless you have pretty allergic skin.

How to Apply CBD Cream

Prepare your skin for application. Clean your abdomen and let it dry. Squeeze a generous amount of topical cream to your palm and rub it on your abdomen until it’s completely covered.


CBD gels work similarly to CBD cream or lotion. The only difference between these three is the percentage amount of CBD on the product. It pays to read the label and see how much of its ingredients are getting into your skin.

How to Apply CBD Gels

Always remember that before applying CBD products, make sure that you prepare and clean your skin. You only have to apply enough amounts of gel on your abdomen. It will penetrate your pores. All you have to do is wait for it to relieve your menstrual pain.

CBD Spray

Just like other topical applications of CBD, CBD sprays are easy to apply, work quickly, and easier to absorb. Manufacturers combine CBD spray with natural fragrances. What makes it different from CBD oil is that you can ingest it, unlike CBD spray. CBD spray, on the other hand, has better liquid consistency than CBD oil.

How to Apply CBD Spray

Pump the spray once or twice on your abdomen. Make sure it has covered your abdomen completely for quicker absorption.


CBD Oil is the only ingestible and inhalable topical CBD product. For this reason, you can easily switch to the other option if you experience other problems that CBD oils can work with, aside from menstrual pain.

How to Apply CBD Oil

Clean the affected area and let it dry. Apply a generous amount of CBD oil to the affected area. CBD oil may absorb more slowly. It also tends to rub off the surface. You may have to cover it with a cloth or bandage until it takes effect on your menstrual cramps.


As the name implies, you take CBD ingestible by mouth. When swallowed, the chemicals will have to traverse your digestive system and bloodstream. It may take slower than topical application. However, it generally lasts longer than topical applications.

CBD Tinctures

Unlike the topical CBD Oil, you need to place a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue. Since you take it orally, it has some side effects like dry mouth. It can also affect the benefits of other medications you’re taking. Ensure that you tell your physician before taking tinctures.

How to take CBD Tinctures

Drop a few amounts under your tongue. Do not swallow! (Although nothing happens when you do, doing so may slow down its effects.) The CBD will travel to your sublingual artery, to the external and internal artery, and lastly, to your brain. You should feel its effects on your menstrual pain after 15 minutes or more.

CBD Capsules

One of the benefits of taking CBD capsules is you can measure your dosage without guessing. Another benefit of taking CBD capsules is you can trace the amount of CBD going into your body. It’s more convenient because you take this directly. Aside from causing dry mouth, CBD capsules are safe. It’s better to take CBD capsules with food. It can work as a supplement and a pain reliever for your menstrual cramps.

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies contain sweeteners or flavors to make ingesting more fun. You can chew it like any other chewable because most of them are gelatin-based. Manufacturers did not formulate all gummies only for menstrual pain. Some gummies have formulations to treat anxiety or other conditions. Always check the label and make sure to contact your physician before taking oral CBD products.


CBDs in different forms come with a specific vape device. You can use vape devices to inhale CBDs in the form of an e-liquid or vape juice, CBD oil, herb/flower, and CBD wax. While you can feel the difference when inhaling, the effects of inhalable CBD products may not last that long, unlike CBD capsules. There are two processes of inhaling CBD. One is through conduction. The other is through convection. You must at least understand the anatomy of your inhaler to prevent combustion, regulate its vapor, and enjoy its flavor.

CBD Vape Pen

Use vape pens for CBD oil. It has a simple structure. It’s portable. Vape pens are great for beginners. Some vape pens have complex temperature settings while older vape pens have only one.

Mechanical Mod

To fully understand how to use mechanical mods, you must have adequate knowledge of vaping devices. And if you’re trying to relieve cramps, this doesn’t work for beginners. It doesn’t work on electronic modes and settings. The power of the battery goes directly on the atomizer.

Box Mod

This vape shapes like a box with a tap screen for setting and control. To use this, you need to fasten the atomizer and connect it with the rechargeable battery.

To find out the right Ohm settings for your vape device, multiply the current with the resistance. Note that reduced current flow comes after increased resistance.


Bear in mind that these products should be taken with the necessary precautions. Always talk to your doctor before treating your menstrual cramps, especially if you’re undergoing medications.

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