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Natural and Complete CBD Based PMS Relief

Harness the power of CBD to beautify you from the inside out

Epione — CBD based PMS relief

Epione is a soothing, CBD based all-natural formula for PMS support and relief. Start feeling like you again.

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Created by women,
for women.

Allevita® offers a unique PMS supplement solution in an easy-to-take vegetarian capsule full of natural vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts. With our certified organic, California grown, hemp-derived CBD, and an army of other powerful natural ingredients, you’ll be ready to conquer PMS on the front line.*


We've spent months perfecting the ingredients to ensure quality and potency, finally landing on a curated formula in which each ingredient has a specific purpose for easing menstrual symptoms.

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Women’s Alliance

Women have unique powers and strengths because of our anatomy, but we’re also burdened with constantly changing hormones that at times interrupt the pursuit of our dreams. Allevita® aims to offer women ways to help manage their reproductive health and put an end to those interruptions, period. By creating a female-focused company that offers health-conscious reproductive support, we hope to be able to empower women to lead more enjoyable and fulfilled lives.

As part of the Alliance, Allevita® donates a portion of our profits to the below organizations:

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Through the Grapevine

Allevita gives me a mega mood boost and substantial cramp relief when things get real, real. My favorite part is that I can take it daily and it works to prevent symptoms so I’m actively managing and not desperately treating them last minute. Highly recommend!


I can feel that Allevita is affecting the balance of my whole body, not just targeting my occasionally angry uterus… which is something I’ve needed for a long, long time!


I’m loving this stuff. Allevita is the new staple in my medicine cabinet – goodbye Midol and Ibuprofen!


Not only did I have ZERO cramps before and during, but my period just felt healthier… it’s been many years since I’ve had a nice, CLEAN period like this. And the only thing I’ve done differently is take Allevita.


I’m one of those sit-on-the-couch-with-bunnies-and-watch-Netflix-in-the-same-clothes-all-day kinds of ‘menstruaters’… but I didn’t do that! I actually went for a run!


My cramps were so painful, it was hard to fall asleep, but then I remembered I had Allevita. I took it and my cramp pain almost immediately subsided and I fell asleep within an hour!


Allevita helped with my bloating and relaxed my whole body while I was on my period. And what I love about Allevita is that it’s all natural!